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Immigration Law Firm - Immigration Overseas

Immigration can be termed as the locomotion of an individual or a group of individuals to another country or region and the thereby settlement in a region which they are not natives of. A migrant is an individual who seeks shelter and settlement to another country, owing to the differences in his own country. Ample reasons can be traced down that determine the movement of people worldwide. As per the recent survey nearly 640 million people would wish to relocate and settle to other countries if they had a chance to. As per the recent statistics a massive number of people have migrated to other countries owing to different reasons. Employment can be detected as a major reason for migrating, followed by political unrest at a second close. Other major “push “ and “pull” factors that determining this scenario are family re-unification, natural calamities, better education, and higher standard of living to name a few. It is these people who leave their native countries with the purpose of eventually turning into emigrants. This practice of settling down permanently in a new country has led to the invention of the word naturalization. The process of naturalization is being undertaken by people at a huge rate. This process confers a person to acquire the rights that a citizen gets including the right to participate in the political activities of the country. With the advent of time and advancement of technology man has come to learn of the opportunities available around the world at different levels. With almost all sectors growing at a rapid rate increase in overseas migration has been largely noticed. Regions that have welcomed people for settlement are Canada, The United States, Australia, regions of South Africa, major parts of Europe and the whole of Middle East.

The entire process of immigration can be “rocket science” for many through the assistance of immigration law offices that are investing of a good span of time understanding the basics of rules and regulations. It is clear that the visa related Laws are drafted by governing bodies of countries to determine the legal status of its citizens and immigrants. These laws set down the rules and regulations that need to be adhered to for migration purpose. In order to seek immigration, it is mandatory for an individual to comply with the rules and regulations set by the governing bodies of that country. The independent laws of a country are molded and regulated along the lines of international laws. The immigration laws set on different parameters to allow the entry of people at different levels.

Immigration Law Firm

An immigration Law firm is a statutory body that strictly adheres and operates to the rules and regulations set by the legal authorities of the highest order of any country. An Immigration Law Firm is granted legal practice in the migration domain to guide and educate people with the correct procedure related to migration. The policies that a Law Firm runs by are laid down on long lines of universally acceptable migratory laws. Comprising of a team of lawyers the immigration law firms in Delhi specialize in this domain and are well versed with the prevailing visa related laws as per the international standards. They have migration lawyers who specialize in all matters related to relocation educating and guiding you in attaining the citizenship of a country, helping you in other related legal matters. An Immigration Solicitor understands your needs and suggests you the kind of visa that will suit your requirement to the best. These firma thus are licensed by the governing authorities, representing a person to obtain the citizenship of a country through the process of naturalization catering solely towards the dreams of the people.


Immigration Overseas performs all its migratory activities under the supervision and guidance of Immigration Overseas Solicitors. The organization has a team of best immigration lawyers who perform the task of reviewing and representing the cases in the concerned department. They are registered with all major Migration Regulatory Bodies across the globe. Major names being MARA, MIA, ICCRC, BCI, CRCCI. An immigration lawyer is set up to date with the prevailing Laws and Regulations as per the current legislation which makes their services and knowledge impeccable. Their knowledge is backed by extensive years of experience. Immigration Overseas has managed to grow both professionally and in terms of the provision of services geographically.


Immigration Laws are the set of rules and regulations formulated by the Migration Regulatory Bodies of different countries for individuals seeking overseas migration. Immigration Law is a directive method that the government lays down for every individual regardless of the state, religion and country. Each individual has to act in accordance with the series of regulations that legitimates the stay of an individual in a foreign country. These government policies regulate the movement of people in and out of the country. It often defines the legal status of an individual. The visa and migration related laws of a country are entirely dependent on the political conditions of a country. They even define the entry and exit of migrants by setting up customs at entry and exit points. These Laws require people to abide by the rules and regulations attached to migration and also produce the required documentation related to relocation overseas.


The team at Immigration Law Firm counsel my whole case in a very friendly manner, sorting all my issues effectively. I can proudly say that the firm is a sole partner for any migration related issues.

Karry Mathew

My friend referred me to Immigration Law Firm. All I can say is “Thank You” to my friend as well as the entire team of Immigration Law Firm who guided me till my successful migration to Canada.

Robert Henry

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